Rauch Family Picnic

This photograph was found among my Grandma Lueders’ things and I’ve always thought it was a real treasure.  The three little girls are:
my Grandmother, Barbara Rauch Lueders
my Great-Aunt, Anna Rauch Matthewson
my Great-Aunt, Elizabeth Rauch Knatzke
missing is my Great-Uncle John Rauch
I believe the folks on the right are there parents:
Elizabeth Roth Rauch and George W. Rauch
I don’t know who the others; probably the girls’ aunts & uncles.

Assuming the girls are 5, 9, and 10 years old then this picture was taken about 1898.  They lived in Milwaukee, WI and I have always liked to think that they loaded up the wagon and drove out into the country for a family picnic.   But the more I study the setting and all the other junk around the wagon it looks more like it may have been parked there for a while.  Wish I knew who played the accordion.

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